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Wow, there's a LOT more red than blue

Putting $300 in someone's hands is perceived as good by that person, of course. If you only point that out, and not the fact that you have put them over $13,000 further into debt in the process, you're not lying - you're just omitting the whole picture. (source of US debt, population, and number of taxpayers)

Similarly, the county-by-county red/blue map touted by the media shows quite the mandate for dubya, with support from nearly the entire country. Of course, that is just omitting the whole picture. What would a more accurate picture look like?

Cartographers at the University of Michigan point out that the red/blue maps the networks ran are actually rather like Mercator projections of the the true election results. This may look a little funny at first, but it is not a political statement, it's an accurate mathematical model of the actual 2004 US presidential election results: Maps and cartograms of the 2004 US presidential election results

Did one person equal one vote?

Of course not. The question is, just how badly are US elections corrupted, and by whom. Both sides can play dirty, but what is the magnitude of fraud?

Do you think we should we get to the bottom of the fraud alligations? If so, click here.

Start adding up the known instances of voter fraud, and you'll see why on election day, before the final counting, it looked like John Kerry was winning in a landslide, and Bush advisor Karen Hughes told dubya he had lost the election.

Now think about this. How often have you ever experienced an ATM making a mistake? How many of those mistakes give you too much money at the bank's expense? Voting machines are addressing a much, much simpler problem. So why would there be so many blantant problems, mostly favoring one party over the other?

Cast this aside as whining if you will, but if we do not confront the current corruption, it will only worsen.

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