MCI/Worldcom Sucks

E-mail sent to MCI/Worldcom 8/22/2000

Just in case anyone out there cares, I thought I'd share the reason I'll be shopping for a new long distance carrier. I don't like doing stuff like that, and would have happily stayed with MCI/Worldcom if you had even marginally acceptable service.

When I switched to MCI, I asked for my bill to be attached to my local phone bill. AT&T and Sprint can do this, and you claimed MCI could as well. I received a bill and called MCI customer service. I was assured that this was just a timing issue, and my next bill would be on the local phone bill.

The next month another bill arrived, and I again called. This time I was told that my account was not being billed via Ameritech, but the adjustment was now made, and I would not recieve a bill the following month.

The next month I received another bill, and called customer service they couldn't understand how this could happen, but would fix it. I received the same assurance again, that things were finally righted.

Of course, the exact same thing happended this month. To cap the complete aggravation you give your customers, I must have spent a total of an hour on these calls, as you do not see fit to adequately staff your customer support lines.

So, I have no choice but to conclude that MCI/Worldcom lacks the basic competency to bill their customers correctly. Since all of your competitors have this basic competency, I will be switching long distance carriers. Further, I will encourage other MCI customers to do the same, by sharing with them your pattern of failure in serving me.

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