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Pick the topic you like and see why I voted for John Kerry, not Bush
Also, some thoughts on the elections results

Republican vs. Democrat

Unlike George Bush, I believe in several of the ideals behind the Republican party: fiscal responsibility, a strong economy through job growth, and America being a leader among a cooperation of nations.

George Bush and his handlers have hijacked the Republican party and have created a far-right conservative organization that is mortgaging our financial future for their own quick buck, and damaging America's place in the world to further their own selfish agenda. They preach Christian doctrine while shamelessly disobeying the fundamental commandments of what they proclaim to follow. I am not simply voting Democratic in this election, I am passionate against the takeover of the extreme right. Any extreme is bad.


You hear about the 1,300+ American troops killed in Iraq - and that deathrate shows no sign of slowing. What you don't hear much about in the US media is the simple and horrible fact that the most accurate and unbiased estimate for the total Iraqi CIVILIAN death toll was over 100,000 by October 2004. That's more than 4 times the population of my entire home town - all killed in a war that we now know was perpetrated under false circumstances. Yes, Saddam should have been removed long, long ago. But killing 100,000 innocent civilians to reach a target was not necessary, and is a crime against humanity. A cheap oil supply does not even remotely come close to justifying this.

The Debt

This one is a true no-brainer against the current administration, no matter how you look at it.

There's an old scam. Get lots of credit cards, max them out and squirrel away the money. Then declare bankruptcy, see your debts washed away, and live high on the proceeds. This is illegal, immoral and anti-societal. The Bush administration took a budget SURPLUS that took years to achieve, spent it all, then started racking up the biggest debt in US history. What's the scam? The US taxpayers are going to have to pay it all back, with interest. Where did it go? Ask your neighborhood millionaire whose tax bill plummeted. Sure, most people got a one-time $300 tax rebate because of Bush. But every year that he remains in office, every man, woman and child in this country racks up over $2500 worth of debt that will have to be repaid with interest. And that's before the bill for "dubya's War" comes due. $300 doesn't really cover that, does it?

A traditional Republican tenet is fiscal responsibility. I heartily agree with the concept, but the neo-conservative movement that has taken over the Republican party does not. They believe in grabbing as much money for themselves and their friends as they can, and let the poor and middle class pay the bill for generations to come.

Blame the Troops

350 TONS of high-grade explosives went missing from a known munitions dump in Iraq after the invasion. To put this in perspective, 10 to 14 ounces of the same plastic explosive brought down Pan-Am 103 over Lockerbie, killing all passengers and crew.

Rudy Giuliani blamed US troops for not securing the weapons. The Bush administration initially claimed that the weapons didn't even exist. Both blame-deflecting statements were known to be false when they were made. The UN inspectors knew about them, cataloged them and told the administration about them before the invasion. Then US troops found the weapons, filmed the finding, and then were ordered to vacate the facility, leaving a known cache of explosives unguarded for months. Even after these facts were made public, Dick Cheney still campaigned that Kerry was "dead wrong" about those explosives disappearing. Is this how you support the troops? By giving the terrorists 350 tons of explosives, when every small handful can kill civilians and troops and blow up planes? And then try to lie your way out? Giving the enemy explosives is not the way to win, it's the way to keep the war going and the body count very high. It's deplorable.

The US military is the finest military on the planet and are performing heroically in a very difficult situation. They deserve leadership that will enable them to succeed, not blame them for having poor leadership.

Who attacked America?

Osama bin Laden's organization. He was cornered in Afghanistan by US forces. Then the Bush administration hired Afghan warlords to finish the job. Those were the same warlords that were fighting against the US, and now run much of Afghanistan. Osama got away, and is still at large today. The US has some 10,000+ troops in Afghanistan, and 130,000+ in Iraq. Where do you think the administration's priorities are?

The Axis of Evil

We know for a fact that now and leading up to the war, Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction. That's because sanctions authored and enforced by George Sr. and then Bill Clinton were working. The other two Bush-proclaimed members of the "axis of evil" were and are still developing nuclear weapons and missiles that will be capable of delivering them. These actual and active programs to develop nuclear weapons are not being acted upon by the Bush administration because they're dealing with the quagmire they created in Iraq.

If the Bush administration were serious about protecting America from catastrophic attacks, they would do something about nuclear proliferation from Iran and North Korea. Instead, all we get is rhetoric, finger pointing and misdirection.


Iraq and Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the horrible attacks of 9/11/01. This is the truth and it is indisputable. Yet even during the debates, Bush continued to try to lead people down that path. Yes, Iraq as a whole is better off without Hussein, that's not the point. The point is that for the first time in the history of the United States of America, we attacked another country without any provocation.

America used to be a mighty advocate for peace in the world, and our soldiers have fought and died for that since WWI. On 9/11, the whole world was with us. Bush arrogantly threw that all away. Now, with our "drop bombs first, plan later" attitude, we are seen across the globe as the greatest threat to world peace. It sickens me to think what the Bush administration has done.


The 2000 Bush campaign shamelessly had John McCain, a fellow Republican and former POW, painted as a traitor. The 2004 Bush campaign then did the exact same number on John Kerry, another war hero. Heros are besmirched. Rules of enlistment are rewritten after they're signed. The military is stretched thin in a war whose motives were proven to be a lie. Lack of planning from the Bush administration endangers the lives of the troops. This is not how to support the troops, and they deserve better.

US Ambassador Joseph Wilson publicly disagreed with the Bush administration about the claim that Iraq attempted to buy yellowcake uranium from Niger (btw, the fact is that Wilson was right and Bush was wrong). In response, the Bush administration leaked that his wife was a CIA operative - in effect, announcing to our enemies that she is a spy. This not only put both of them in immediate danger, but damaged the credibility of every US ambassador around the world. This leak is a violation of federal law that carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $500,000 fine. To date, of course, nobody has been found accountable. All this to settle a grudge.

Thinking for oneself

At the debate, George Bush was caught wearing a device under his jacket, presumably to receive audio to tell him what to say. Bush flat-out denied it was true, and that his shirt was simply ill-fitting. We now know that George cheated at the debate and subsequently lied about it.

Dr. Robert M. Nelson is a senior research scientist for NASA and for Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. A professional physicist and photo analyst for more than 30 years, he speaks earnestly and thoughtfully about his subject. "I am willing to stake my scientific reputation to the statement that Bush was wearing something under his jacket during the debate," he says. "This is not about a bad suit. And there's no way the bulge can be described as a wrinkled shirt."

The full article is available on Suffice it to say, the analysis is scientific and conclusive, not partisan.


If the problem is the US economy being dependent on mideast oil, then the solution is a different fuel source, such as biodiesel, fusion, and large-scale solar, geothermal, wind, tidal and hydroelectric. Bush's answer is only oil, gotten by any means necessary. If the US is to spend over $220 billion to gain cheap access to Iraq's oil, how come gas prices have gone UP during George's term? Somebody is making billions and billions of dollars in extra profit.

Why plan more than bombs

The US military is the most powerful military force on Earth. Nobody doubted their ability to successfully invade Iraq. What the US military was not given, however, was a plan of what to do after the invasion. Sure, protection of the oilfields, pipelines, port and ministry of oil building were well planned, but what about anything else? The administration's "plan" was to be greeted as liberators and all would be well. The military's projection of needing 250,000 to 300,000 troops to secure the peace was turned down by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld - three draft dodgers. Instead, the rest of the country was allowed to be looted, and the damage was huge, in material damage that US taxpayers are paying for, aid to the insurgency fighting US troops, and in human lives.


Shipping manufacturing and professional jobs overseas helps the US economy. My God, anyone that believes that whopper is beyond reasoning with. Our government should not reward US companies for firing US workers. When this subject came up in the presidential debates, George Bush went into his "you want some wood" joke. His actions have seriously damaged the US economy, and his response was a flippant joke. I spent 5 years in college to get 2 professional degrees. I don't consider the prospect of cutting my paycheck in 1/3 a very funny matter.

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